The fastest way to get out of jail is by calling us immediately. Don’t stress, just call for immediate bail bonds service throughout Connecticut.

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The most common time for legal issues seems to be the least convenient time; luckily we’re available day and night, whenever you might need us. Feel free to call anytime, including holidays.

All bail bond fees are set by the state, but we provide a higher class service for the same price.
• Bonds $0-5,000 are 10%
• Bonds over $5,000 are 7% of the bond + $150.
(ie: a $10,000 bond would be $850)

Financial Services

What we can do for you

We offer in-house financing.  This allows us quick and flexible options to help you afford to make bail. We can take as little as 35% down, and can make a payment plan that is convenient for you: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. If you don’t think you can afford bail, simply call us to discuss your options and usually we can figure out a way to manage the financial portion and get your bail posted ASAP.

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The process of being put in jail can be confusing and overwhelming; call to discuss your situation with zero judgement, call (860) 919-3129

We offer FREE consulting! You’re welcome to call us anytime to answer your questions. We also have contacts in every town we can refer you to if your question is outside of our professional scope.

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We offer professional bail bonds services from our office in Bristol Connecticut.

We’ve been in business over 11 years. Don’t just pick a name out of a hat, because many bail bonds companies are fly-by companies or flagged for not complying with regulations, are run out of basements or garages, and aren’t companies you can rely on when you need them.  Bail bond rates are set by the state, and we offer more services and go the extra mile to ensure you have the best and fastest bail experience possible.

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Not every case fits into the same box, and we have the years of experience to know how your case may differ from other bail situations.  We treat everyone fairly, and offer persistent dedication, and crucial guidance.


We stay up to date with bail law changes and in constant contact with courthouses, police stations, and correctional facilities throughout Connecticut, so we understand their requirements to get you processed for bail as soon as you are able.


It’s not just what you know, but who you know, and we have a long list of contacts and associates to reach out to who can assist with information and helping to expedite your processing.


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If you are not the person in custody, please try to have as much information about the person a possible, including their name, D.O.B., facility being held, charges. If you do not have these details, we can use as much information as you can give to attempt to find and help the person in custody.

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